Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Evolving But Never Revolving

 Spring is finally here! Spring is my favorite season because of the hopeful feeling it generates. It makes me feel inspired to do new things. So, I am going to share a few of them with you and see where we land...

Over the winter I had been feeling like I had outgrown my blog and until five minutes ago, this had caused me some distress. Moments ago, that feeling changed, just like that! When you change your perception, you change your opportunities.

Increasingly, I  felt less and less motivation to pen new blog posts and that was making me uneasy. I love to write and sharing my experience of alcohol recovery was a good decision, but it has become harder and harder to share things because I have nothing to say.

So, a sense of panic has been building. Having nothing more to say means I am done. The 15 minutes of fame I have enjoyed and that has helped me stay strong and healthy is up. There is nothing left for me to say because I have grown and I no longer see myself predominately as a sober runner. I see myself as a runner, a wife, a mother and a host of other things that have nothing to do with beer.

In the early days, I wrote about situations that challenged my sobriety and how desperately I clung to the rhythm and punishment of running to keep my focus off of drinking. I have out run and out grown the despondency I once felt toward my sober future and have replaced it with confidence and strength. I don't fret or dwell about staying sober. I just live each day as it comes with a grateful and healthy spirit. I am new and I am different, but I am having so much fun writing and connecting with people that I don't want to shut the blog down so I am going to do some new things here.

The focus will be less on sober living and more on healthy living. I would love to build my blog into an interactive community of like minded people, so now more than ever, if something sits right with you, please thank me by commenting and further by sharing it with your friends and followers. What is the content going to look like? I don't know exactly...and I am okay with that. I am committing to weekly content updates which is something I have struggled with because if I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't write it.

For starters, I know I want to share monthly fitness challenges with you. I run, but I have a hard time being consistent with fitness and strength work. I completely understand the benefits of incorporating these things into my running, but it just doesn't happen. What I have had a modicum of success with are 30 day fitness challenges. They are laid out for me and they are short term which helps me to commit to doing them. I thought if I am going to do a challenge, I should share it and maybe we will end up doing it together and encouraging each other. So, I guess this is where the new content will start and we will see if it goes or if it blows.

For the month of May I have chosen the 30 Day Burpee Challenge. The burpee's reputation precedes itself. I have yet to meet anyone that reacts with cheering when the exercise is suggested, BUT we all know that they are highly touted as a dynamic exercise that targets multiple muscles along with the heart and lungs. If you are unsure about how to safely pull off the exercise, there is a helpful clip on the website to help you out.

Who doesn't want a firmer hiney that doesn't jiggle when you wiggle or stronger hips and quads that can help you drive farther while running? I want those things, so I am gonna just do it! Why not? 30 days of burpees starting May 1st. If you are with me, don't suffer in silence, let me know. I need your support and we can be accountable to one another. Complete the day's Burpee challenge as outlined on the 30 Day Challenge website and let me know here, in the comments! There's even app to help you if you are interested. I downloaded the 30 Day Challenge app from the Apple store to help me be consistent, yup there's an app for that!

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