Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Looking the Part vs Performing the Part

This is my third week working with the ultra talented Rob Watson. So far I feel like I might be letting him down a bit. I am not ultra talented and hopefully the nice folks at the Ottawa Marathon forewarned him of my underwhelming ability as a runner.

I feel like a great runner lives inside me, though. This poor runner never has a chance to shine because as soon as I begin to improve and see progress, something happens to grind the machine to a halt. If I could just keep on keepin' on, I know I could get stronger and faster, but alas, I am thwarted when the going gets good.

Who knew that seven weeks off would render me useless in the realm of running. I get out there and I feel like a middle aged smoker that has surfed the couch for the past ten years! I mean, really! COME ON!
I ran a marathon less than four months ago. I was in good enough condition to do that and now there's nothing. No reserve. No left over effort just sitting in the tank. I know they say you lose your fitness fast, but should you really be punished by having it all taken from you? Like ALL of it!

I am barely getting my feet off the ground when I run ( I have always said that there is no such thing as jogging...I think I am mistaken and I think I am doing it). I just don't have enough stamina or endurance to lift my feet very high off the ground, never mind using my arms for propulsion. My arms are being used more for balance as it feels like my core has forgotten how to hold me steady. I noticed my elbows are bent at my sides, but instead of being held flat near my body, they are lifted way out resembling chicken wings, but they aren't helping me fly! Which make me wonder... exactly how ridiculous do I look to the people who are out shoveling their driveway's...again. Wondering this reminds me of being a teenager at Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort. I had good equipment and a great looking outfit, but I only ever skied a few runs before returning to the chalet to hang around and look like a good skier because I looked way better off the slopes than I did on them. Are you following me me? See my point? I am outfitted as though I might know what I am doing as a runner, but my performance is suggesting otherwise. I have my Sunskis on my face, my Buff on my head and my Saucony's on my feet but my effort is not doing them justice.

Because my progress was interrupted by a stupid surgery in December, I feel like I am trying to catch up with my training and in contrast to the snowy February scene around us, May 25 and the Ottawa Marathon is not that far away <hear panic in my voice>. As such, when my rest period was served, I hit the road training. I haven't run fast, because I can't, but I probably have trampled out a few too many kilometers a little too soon. What does that look like you ask? How many kilometers is too many? I am not bloody well telling because it's shameful what a pitiful amount of running it has taken to render me nursing yet another potential injury!

I am being cautious. I am seeing my Physiotherapist (which is a terribly sad story that will follow in the next post). I am doing all the right things to keep it from getting worse (except for not running at all). This is how my super fast running coach is getting to know me. I am sure he is thinking "who the heck is this girl and how did I get saddled with her?". I am telling him as I am telling you, there is a runner inside me that has more guts than talent and if I can lick this posterior tibialis issue, you will hear me roar (does that even make sense...meh, there's a beast in me if I can just get my feet off the ground to let it loose).

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